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3D Heart Shape Porcelain Memorial

3D Heart Shape Porcelain Memorial

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Our 3D heart shape porcelain memorial is a wonderful way to remember your beloved and is made using the finest Italian porcelain. We handcraft each and every porcelain and provide a signature company trade secret to create the most vibrant colors available. Guaranteed this unique design is engineered to never fade, scratch, or lose it's brilliance, we do recommend keeping it safe indoors. This will prevent it from being damaged by lawn care related accidents. 

All porcelains come with the option to include the Eternal Timekeeper™, which is an electronic sensor tag placed at the rear of your memorial. 

How does Eternal Timekeeper work?

Eternal Timekeeper gives a memorial the ability to share stories through an online memorial site using our Patented NFC (Near-Field Communication) device with smartphones or tablets.

Using sensor technology memorial photos can be brought to life. Simply by holding a smartphone or tablet near a Porcelains Unlimited memorial photo, the user is instantly taken to their loved one's online Profile which includes photos, audio for story time, videos and many more associated links. Every monument can now be brought to life with interactive features to illustrate the wonderful life of your loved one.